Finding The Most Effective Dog Training Method

Attempting to find the most effective dog training method is more difficult than you may imagine. Dog trainers have their own ideas about what method is best and there are as many different ways to train dogs as there are trainers. The task is similar to finding the best way to raise children. Every parent has a different opinion.

In fact, most professional dog trainers rarely agree on anything except that other trainers are doing it wrong. The fact is, most trainers today feel this way, which makes it difficult for dog owners to choose.

dog trainingAs a dog trainer, I believe we need to choose a training method that makes us comfortable and produces results. Feeling comfortable about a specific method will make it that much easier to achieve results.

I believe that many different methods are effective and any of them will work as long as the trainer is familiar with it. When I speak with trainers who question their method, I always want to know if they are getting results with it. As long as the dog is responding positively, then the trainer can consider the method to be a success. If the dog is not responding, incorporating a different method is necessary.

Every dog trainer has a method that is a personal favorite in achieving results with most dogs. In some cases, you may meet an animal that fails to respond to your training method. This can be a problem unless you are prepared for it. Most successful trainers will be familiar with multiple training methods for this type of situation.

A beginning trainer may only be familiar with a single method but with continued studying and practice, a trainer can learn about all new ways to train dogs. All it requires is continuing education and gaining more experience by

training different animals with different dispositions
If you are a pet owner who has hired a professional trainer, you should be seeing results fairly soon after the trainer starts working with the dog. If you are attempting to train a dog without the help of a qualified trainer, the results may come slower because you lack the knowledge and experience necessary to determine which method is most successful.

If there is one thing I want you to know, it is that I believe all dogs can be trained and I have never worked with one that could not. I have met many people, however who fail to devote enough time to the dog’s training. Setting aside as little as 15 minutes every day for training will allow you to achieve the results you desire.

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